Nov 19, 2019      Updates      

Affordable Housing Hopes Abound in Northern Va. as Democrats Take Power in Richmond

Virginia Democrats are salivating at what they might be able to achieve now that they’ve finally won unified control of state government, particularly when it comes to affordable housing.

Northern Virginia’s representatives in Richmond, local lawmakers and housing advocates are all optimistic the new Democratic majorities in the General Assembly — and newly empowered Gov. Ralph Northam — will make the issue a priority when the legislature reconvenes in January. And with the region grappling with a housing crisis, perhaps exacerbated by the arrival of Inc. in Arlington, supporters say help from the state can’t come soon enough.

“We’re really excited about the investments in higher education and workforce that we’re seeing tied to Amazon, but where will those jobs sleep at night?” said Michelle Krocker, executive director of the Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance. “We need investments in housing commensurate with all these, so that everyone benefits equally.”

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