The Arlington Community Coalition is a diverse group of residents, business and community leaders coming together to voice support for the National Landing area transformation and Amazon’s new headquarters. 

The benefits are far-reaching: new housing choices, including affordable units; better education, with multiple universities locating campuses nearby; upgraded infrastructure; and an overall boost to the entire local economy. National Landing and all of Arlington win with the new Amazon headquarters.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Promote long-term economic growth and jobs in both Arlington and the entire region.
  • Advocate for an inviting sense of community that joins together office, residential, retail, open space and cultural activities in our neighborhoods.
  • Support multimodal access and integration, including improved roads, bike lanes, transit and pedestrian facilities.
  • Speak out for a mix of housing that adds new options for residents of all income levels without disrupting the preservation of existing units.

Why Join Our Coalition

Are you a community member interested in our continued successes? The Arlington Community Coalition is fighting for sustainable growth around National Landing, and we’re glad Amazon’s new headquarters is bringing tens of thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of investment to the region — but we know it has to be done right. We need advocates and voices. Will you step up for the betterment of your friends, neighbors and Arlington’s future?

Join Our Coalition